The Power of Giving Love Without Receiving It

Not all relationships are created equal though. In fact, it’s not always the case that each person chooses to give back the same levels of love in which they are receiving. Yet, even in these scenarios, love remains advantageous for both individuals in the relationship. What is it about love that holds so much power over us? Continue reading The Power of Giving Love Without Receiving It

My Sweet Gregory

During my mission trip to Jamaica we visited several orphanages. One orphanage in particular – we spent most of our time. It was there I held Gregory, a 3 year old orphan, every day for four days. He and I were inseparable. Each night when it was time to leave, we’d hug and I’d tell him “I love you, see ya in the morning”. On our last day, when it was officially time to leave, he asked if I was coming back. Unable to give Gregory false hope, I said no and held him for a while. As I walked … Continue reading My Sweet Gregory

A Life Transformed

The afternoon was beautiful as we set out on the trails through the woods. It was just the kids and I, which was routine for us. They were small and adventurous alongside me, kicking sticks and picking up leaves. A quiet summer afternoon and the only sounds were the songs I hummed and the crackling of branches under our feet. It was peaceful. We continued on, and the kids gradually drifted further from me. It was bizarre, like I was walking backwards as they continued forward. I called out but my voice was silent. And no matter how much I tried … Continue reading A Life Transformed

The Battle – A Poem

Written by Brooke Shigley I am a failure. Defeated countlessly. I stand anew, surrendering my flag – yet inevitably starved of mercy. I am nothing. A passenger, drifting indefinite boundaries. I find his face… and watch. Taunted as it dissipates. To be loved has always been my biggest failure. I am lost. I gaze upon stony-hearted faces. A lack of discord across indifferent crowds. Once more I cower at battle – alone and unguarded. I am weak. With each conflict my armor manifolds. Perplexing me into uncertainty. The weight grows heavier and my chest crumbles – I barely feel. The … Continue reading The Battle – A Poem

A Servant’s Heart

To love and care in unorthodox ways – can be confounding. For years, the desire to serve others kept my heart in turmoil. I was convicted by compassion and easily found a connection to the suffering of others. Though, not everyone shares the same depth of hope for their neighbor. In fact, it can be quite rare. Loving and caring at different levels can leave one feeling dispensable and unworthy of ever being equally yoked. The rejection had me begging God for mercy. Days later, sitting in church, the pastor spoke about what it meant to have a “servant’s heart”. Awestruck – my … Continue reading A Servant’s Heart